Saturday, February 15, 2014

Girl Scout Sleeping Bag SWAP

Girl Scout Sleeping Bag SWAP

What you will need:
Felt Sheets
Wooden Beads
Mini Craft Sticks
Sharpie markers
Craft Glue
Safety Pins
Hole Punch
Scissors and/or Fabric cutter
Stickers or labels with Troop #

1.)  Start by cutting felt into strips 9" x 1 1/4".  You should get about 9 strips per sheet of felt.

2.) You will need some small lengths of yarn to tie up the roll 5" long.  And you will need smaller (2") lengths for the "hair".  I used a bundle of rug loom yarn in various brown/yellow/beige colors.  The girls can cut the yarn to make shorter "hair", too!

3.)  Use the Sharpie markers to draw faces on the beads.

4.) Next, punch a hole in the felt strip about 1/3 of the way down the strip.  Roll the short end of the felt and tie it with the yarn.

5.)  Glue a small craft stick to the felt and fold the felt up and over to make the "sleeping bag".  Leave enough room to glue the bead to the top of the stick for the head.

6.)  Add glue to the bead for hair and then attach it to the craft stick carefully.  I used a paper plate to keep the glue mess to a minimum. :)

7.)  Once dry, you can add the safety pin to the bed-roll part and attach the Troop# label.  So cute!

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