Monday, August 27, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - August 27, 2012

Waiting. We keep waiting to find out which way Isaac will turn in the Gulf.  Still days away from us here.  Will we get any rain, or remain dry?  Will we have soccer start this week or will we get rained out?  I have an almost-4 year old who will be very disappointed if he can't use his new cleats.  These things I can't control.  The menu plan I can.

Sunday - Leftover Spaghetti and Meatballs

Monday - Fish Tacos, avocado, salsa

Tuesday - Pasta night - not exactly sure yet

Wednesday - Teriyaki Chicken (maybe on the grill or not), broccoli, rice

Thursday - Homemade Pizza night

Friday - Onion Pot Roast, Potatoes, carrots, challah

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - August 20, 2012

The weeks are rolling right along now.  Not too many changes in the menu from last week.  As the menu stands now, we have a pasta night and a pizza night alternating on our "busy" nights.  So far this seems to be working, although I know that in another week or two the schedule will get even busier with soccer and then later Nutcracker.  The good thing about a weekly plan is that you can see what works and change it the next week.  The past few weeks I have been trying a new recipe on Monday (see Recipe Update).  I decided to try another new recipe tonight Korean BBQ using tofu.  I've made this marinade before, but have used beef in the recipe.  I am excited to try it with the tofu and see how it works out.

Sunday - Comfort meatballs (Pioneer Woman, but I use my baked meatballs instead), homemade dinner rolls, roasted zucchini

Monday - Korean BBQ - I plan on using a pureed kiwi in place of the pear juice to make a thicker sauce, rice, broccoli

Tuesday - Pasta Primavera

Wednesday - Grilled Chicken fajitas with avocado, salsa, etc.

Thursday - Homemade Pizza, veggies

Friday (Field Trip day) - Spaghetti and Meatballs (the kids have been begging for weeks), challah, salad.  Meatballs already made and in the freezer.  Just have to pop them in the Crock-pot with some sauce and boil some pasta. 

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Recipe update

Just a quick post for an update.  The past two weeks I have tried new recipe each week.  Last week it was the Mexi-chop salad, with real dairy additions to it and this week was the vegetarian moussaka.  Well, one recipe was a big success and the other I had to promise never to make again.  And the clear winner was:

Mexi-Chop Salad
Never know until you try, right?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - August 13, 2012

Well, I survived my first week with both kids in school.  (*sniff*)  I think we are finally getting into a routine with school mornings.  So far, the packed lunches have been working out, but that really is a whole other post.  I'm sticking mostly with my plan from last year.  There are a few changes to the plan.  In my son's class, he needs to bring/have milk with his lunch everyday.  While we've pretty much have stuck with dairy lunches anyway for my daughter over the past years, this really solidifies it.  I'm trying out a few new things this year.  Now that I have two lunches (well, really three) to prepare, I feel I need some new inspirations.  I love the idea of the bento box lunch with all of the cutie faces and animals, but I wonder how does all of that stuff stay put?  Lunch boxes get tossed in the car and dropped on the ground and who knows what else before they make it to school.  I imagine everything as a jumbled mess by lunch-time.  I have a few things I'm trying out and hope to post about.  Anyway, another post for another time.


Monday - Vegetarian Moussaka (new recipe)with Caprese salad (tomatoes and basil from the garden, yum!) and corn

Tuesday - Broccoli and Bowtie pasta  - a Barefoot Contessa favorite.  I'll omit the pine nuts though, due to allergies.

Wednesday - Mango Chicken, zucchini and corn

Thursday - Homemade Pizza, veggie and dip.

Friday - Orange Chicken and Broccoli, rice, maybe sushi salad?  challah

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - August 6, 2012

Yes, it has been almost a month since I last posted.  We were definitely on a Summer schedule around here.  Not too much planned, a bit of visiting family and relaxing.  Now it's back to schedules again.  school has started.  Today is the first day both kids are in school full-day.  Sigh.  So time to do my plan for the week.

Monday - Mexi-chop salad.  Trying a new recipe.  I'll let you know how it goes.  I probably will use romaine for the kale and real sour cream.  Baby steps.  Also, some homemade baked tortilla chips and salsa.

Tuesday - Pasta night.  Pasta primavera

Wednesday - Chicken piccata, sub in some EVOO for the butter

Thursday - Homemade pizza night

Friday - Onion Pot roast, carrots, potatoes, challah

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