Monday, November 23, 2015

The ten year quilt

Here is the quilt that I have jokingly referred to as my 10 year quilt. I started this quilt while pregnant with my first child. I worked on it until I could no longer hold a needle or see the chart properly because I was so swollen all over my body my joints could barely bend and my eyesight failed me. Later, after that first baby was born I would occasionally pick up the quilt to work on and even less occasionally after a second baby was born. I worked on this quilt off and on through the past ten years.  On cold and rainy days, on many a road trip up and down the East coast, on days when I had one or two sick children on the couch and on so many days in between this quilt was on my lap and in my hands.  Little by little this quilt came together.  I worked on small sections at a time, because that was all I could afford it.  Amazingly, after all of that, it came together like it was all of a sudden and it was done.  I can't help but feel a bit of sadness to see it all finished.

Here is the quilt with the baby that was in my belly when I started.  She just turned ten this June ;)