Monday, February 25, 2013

Purim Wrap-up

Gingerbread Hamentaschen
I wanted to post some pictures of  the treats we made and sent out last week for Purim.  I tried out a few new recipes this year to mix things up a bit.  First, I made gingerbread hamentaschen.  I used a basic gingerbread dough added a bit of apple butter for the filling and finished them with a bit of royal icing drizzle. The kids loved these and I will definitely make them again.  I think they love anything with a drizzle of icing.  A few of them didn't stay closed through the baking, so I don't know if they needed a bit more flour or just more pinching to stay closed.

Another new-ish recipe was for the blondies.  I have made the Pioneer Woman's recipe for "Knock-you-naked" brownies a few times.  I thought I would run with the idea.  I used a box of vanilla cake mix (actually the valentine's one), omitted the nuts to the batter, and added white chocolate chips and shredded coconut for the center.  Another keeper of a recipe and super easy!

Chocolate pretzel candy
Last new recipe which is not really a recipe at all.  Something I saw while scrolling pinterest one day and thought "that looks good".  Little pretzel squares topped with chocolate hearts placed in a low oven (200 F) for 8-10 minutes.  Remove and top with an M&M.  Let cool (that's the hard part!).

Pumpkin Bread
I also made pumpkin bread.  Yes, with more royal icing on top  :)
Brownie covered oreos
This is an old picture, but I also made brownie covered oreos from this recipe.

And of course the star of the show was the Hamentaschen.

Packages getting ready
And the kids really enjoyed helping make the baskets inside.  I saw the idea here.

After all the baking and packing, I decided to get a bit festive with my Challah for the week, too.


  1. Oh my! Can I come over for a snack! looks amazing.

  2. Sorry I missed this one. These are works of art. You go, girl. xo