Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rainbow Fruit Skewers

The colors of the rainbow...with fruit.  Miss D has a celebration at school today.  We're bringing the Rainbow Fruit Skewers, mini muffins, and pink lemonade. 

I saw this idea for the fruit on pinterest.com and pinned it via Prudent Baby and quick- dish.tablespoon.com..here's the link to the full recipe that includes rainbow pancakes to go with the fruit. 

My choices of fruit were:

Red: Strawberries
Orange: Orange Segments from Cuties
Yellow: Pineapple
Green: Green Apple (couldn't find a nice kiwi anywhere!)
Blue: Blueberries
Purple: Grapes

I used 4" bamboo skewers (partly because I couldn't find the 6" ones) so I needed to cut the fruit to small pieces.  I ended up making more because of this so each child could have two, but I think they turned out pretty nice. 

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  1. Awesome....we need to get together sometime and share some ideas and I could learn a lot from you!!!