Monday, January 16, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - 1/16/12

Menu Plan Monday -

Long weekend here due to the MLK holiday.  Much different than last year when we were just starting to recover from the "blizzard".  Right now I have two crock-pots going cooking beans (Northern White and Black).  Hoping to make a big batch of veggie chili this week.  The Boca crumbles were on sale at Publix and we stocked up!

Monday - Spinach Lasagna

Tuesday - Beef Tacos (in the crock-pot), avocados, salsa, salad

Wednesday - Chicken Meatballs, quinoa with raisins and almonds, broccoli.  The chicken meatballs I make are similar to this Barefoot Contessa recipe.  I omit the cheeses and use either water of chicken broth for the milk.  If I have any leftover, I can plunk them into some chicken soup later...yum.

Thursday - Homemade Pizza and crudite

Friday - Roasted Chicken and veggies, Challah

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