Monday, August 22, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - 8/22/11

Keeping it short this morning.  Busy weekend, Nutcracker auditions for Miss D and it's still 95 degrees here.  Who can think cold and snow?  Not me!  We had a bit of rain this weekend.  The garden definitely needed it.  The plants had been stalling out with all the dryness.    

Sunday - My parents sent us a shipment of buffalo and elk from Wyoming.  We tried the buffalo grilled last night.  Not bad.  A bit bland was the verdict.  I kept it simple with just a bit of olive oil and steak seasoning.  Perhaps there is a better way?  Not sure we'll try it again.

Monday - Tilapia (grilled - weather permitting, or pan-seared), Mac and Cheese

Tuesday - Taco night (crock-pot)  ground beef, taco seasoning.  Avocados.

Wednesday - Chicken ?? not sure yet

Thursday - Calzones

Friday - Hunter-style chicken, rice, veggies, challah

Hope everyone has a great week.  If you would like more menu ideas, please visit MPM at

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