Monday, February 2, 2015

Soccer Ball Cookies

Soccer Ball Sugar Cookies

I made these cookies for LD's last game of the season.  His teammates loved them and I thought I'd share the technique since I've used it several times now. Scroll down to the bottom for more examples.

The sugar cookie dough is a wonderful find from Sugarlicious.  The dough is firm and more like a shortbread dough.  It will hold up nicely to cutting shapes and even putting in on a cookie stick if you roll the dough a bit thicker.  Usually I bake them slightly less than what is called for in the recipe, but that could just be my oven.  Make sure you check on the cookies for doneness ( a bit of golden brown on the edge is usually a good indicator). 

You will also need a small batch of royal icing.  I make my royal icing with meringue powder just because it's super easy and safe to eat raw.  

Royal Icing (for icing cookies)

2 Tbs. Meringue powder
3 c. powdered sugar
¼ c. cold water
food coloring paste

Beat meringue powder, powdered sugar and water at high speed in a heavy-duty stand mixer with a whisk attachment until glossy, stiff peaks form. Tint with food coloring paste to desired color, and beat until well blended. Transfer to pastry bag fitted with small round tip (#4) and store with a damp paper towel placed on bottom of a tall drinking glass.

Last, but not least, I make the fondant topper.  I use my Marshmallow fondant.  You can check out the recipe I use here.  
For this cookie, I used a 3.5 inch round cutter for the cookie and the fondant circle of white.   I left most of the fondant white, but dyed a small amount black.  I like to use Americolor Super Black.  It is always good to try to make the fondant a few days ahead, but especially if you are using very dark of deep colors.  The color will deepen if you let it rest for a day so you won't need to add as much color.   I cut out pentagon shapes in the black fondant.   You may need just the tiniest dab of water on the fondant to attach the black pieces.  Try not to use too much or the colors will run and the marshmallow fondant will get too mushy!  
So I basically tried to follow this image (kinda-sorta).
I used the quilting fondant tool to make the stitching marks on the ball and went over the marks with a bit of food color marking pen.  Once the soccer ball design is made in the fondant circle, I attach the whole thing with the royal icing acting as glue.  Allow them to sit out while the royal icing dries.

The first few cookies, trying to get the lines right.
Wrapped and ready to go!

Butterfly Sugar Cookies, using just royal icing and sanding sugar.
For Girl Scout Bridging ceremony.  Green and Brown fondant for the vest sleeves and rainbow Airhead Xtreme candy for the stripe.
Here's a Football Jersey version of the cookie

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