Thursday, January 8, 2015

Handprint Quilt

I finally finished the second handprint quilt!  It only took five years and a new sewing machine. And yes, this is the second one. If you remember back in 2010 (ha!), I made this quilt for Miss D's Early Childhood class. I traced and appliquéd each child's handprint and then helped each one embroider their name on the block. I pieced and quilted the blocks together and then put the quilt up for an art auction to raise funds for the school. Miss D loved the quilt and begged us to bid on it. Well, we did but the bidding got too deep for our pockets :). I promised her that I would make another quilt with our family members. As typically happens here, I quickly tried to get going on the next quilt gathering handprints, signatures, adding appliqué and embroidery to each block. I ran into a snag, actually several, when my 40 year old sewing machine up and quit on me. And so the project sat, in a box, for over a year while I figured out what to do. I ended up with a beautiful new machine for my birthday and started working on the quilt again. Unfortunately at this point I had lost that initial drive and energy to finish it and again it sat waiting to be finished. Well fast forward a few years and I found a new quilt project that has inspired me. The only problem was this unfinished quilt waiting in a box. So I promised myself that I needed to finish this quilt first. And despite the fact that my perfectionism has kept me stuck for all these years I decided that a finished quilt is far better than a perfect quilt!  So here you go.  Although far from perfect, it is a finished quilt that my family can enjoy- finally!
Working on the quilt - the dog approves!

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