Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Spiderman-Basketball Birthday

Spiderman-Basketball Birthday Party

  I am going back in  time to try to catch up on posts.  This was LD's 4th birthday.  Yes, right now I am planning his 6th, so I am a bit late :)  

We had a Spiderman-themed Basketball party.  The kids watched an exhibition game at the college and then got to play around on the court at half-time.  We made little goodie bags with snacks for the game.  Afterwards, we took a break to enjoy some cake and watch an old spiderman tv episode on a projector screen.  

The Cake:  The Bottom layer was 9 x 13 two layer cake with one layer chocolate and one vanilla.  vanilla butter cream. The top layer was a 12 inch oval of red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.  The whole cake was decorated with marshmallow fondant.  I used a fondant mold to get the "brick" look into the skyline and then hand-cut the buildings.  The mask used fondant for the eyes and a black royal icing for the web detail.  

I made several batches of fondant and colored them in advance to let the colors deepen. In fact, both the fondant and the royal icing for the cookies needed to be made in advance so that the colors would deepen.  I used Americolor Super Red and Super Black.  I think they produce the deepest colors using the smallest amount of product.  

Here are the cookies.  It's a long-standing tradition now ( about five or six years) that I make these shortbread cookies for the kids' birthday.  The recipe is very straight forward.  I use Ina Garten's Shortbread cookie.  I usually ice them with royal icing and sometimes use sanding  or colored sugar to decorate.

Here they are all wrapped and ready for favors.

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