Friday, May 9, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

This is Teacher Appreciation Week and I wanted to share what I put together for D and L's teachers.

I found these cute tags (via pinterest) with a Mason jar theme.  I bought a case of the new Perfection green pint jars and added the drinking straw/lid and used the rings that came with the jars.  I added in a few single serve packs of lemonade and iced tea mix into the jars.  Along with the drink container, I made a batch of Lemon Shortbread cookies like these.  I added some lemon extract and zest to the shortbread dough and added lemon juice to the icing glaze.  Sweet, tart and buttery all at the same time..yum!

Lemon Shortbread Cookies
I added a ribbon and flower to the jar for a little decoration.  I thought they turned out really well and the teachers really enjoyed them!


  1. What a wonderful gift! I'm sure the teachers loved them!

  2. Love this! As always awesome & frugal gift idea :-) Thanks for sharing Tiffany!