Monday, November 5, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Trying to get back into the groove again.  Schedules have been crazy lately.  LD turned four last weekend.  I hope to post more about the party later in the week.  My mom planned on coming for the party weekend and ended up staying the whole week because of "Sandy".  Kids got sick and were home from school most of the week.  Oh, and then the time change happened.  Why does that one hour make such a disruption?  I am very happy to be getting back to schedules again this week.  Hopefully the dog and the children will adjust to the time soon, too!


Monday - Tofu Taco salad with baked tortilla bowls

Tuesday - Pasta night

Wednesday - Asian Chicken Salad with option of peanut or sesame dressing.  I'll make one recipe of the dressing with peanut and one version with sunbutter and sesame.

Thursday-  Homemade pizza

Friday - (DH's Birthday!) Asian Roasted Salmon, sushi, baked veggie spring rolls and a mystery dessert (pretty much a copy from last year, I realize)
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  1. Do you make your own sushi? That looks really good.

  2. Hi, Tiffany! Glad your mom was visiting when Sandy hit. Your menu looks great! xo