Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rainbow Cookies...again

A couple of years ago was my first attempt for these Kosher for Passover Rainbow cookies.   Boy, these are really good.  It may not look like it makes a lot, but these bars each get sliced up.  A small piece goes a long way in flavor.  Although the recipe is not particularly difficult, it does require time and multiple steps.  I didn't even get to make them last year because I ran out of time (and energy).  This year, I decided I needed to make them first lest they not get done at all.  The picture above is the final step of coating the layers in chocolate.  They do freeze very well, although I am not a master at tempering chocolate so most likely a "bloom" will appear if I freeze them.  Oh, well.  The kids have already sampled the trimmings and extra chocolate and have given approval to the recipe.  Still waiting for the chocolate to set.  I will try to take a better picture of the final product all sliced up.

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