Monday, October 10, 2011

MPM- 10/10/11

Menu Plan Monday - 10/10/11

Gearing up for Sukkot this week, "we" (i.e. my husband) was very busy building a Sukkah in the backyard.  Here's a picture (three trips to Home Depot later) of the frame, a few lights, and  Miss D dancing underneath:

I trimmed a bunch of trees/bushes yesterday to drape on top, but now we just need some "walls".  I'm thinking a trip to Big Lots is in order for the day.  Unfortunately (and fortunately), rain is in the forecast.  We desperately need it.  We've had such a long dry spell now, but what timing, huh?  I'm hoping by the end of the week we can eat some dinners outside.  We'll just have to wait and see.  I will post progress pictures later.

Anyway, the menu plan (so far):

Monday - Breakfast for dinner:  buttermilk waffles and leftovers from our Breaking the Fast meal, fruit smoothies

Tuesday - Pasta with red sauce, garlic bread, salad

Wednesday - Chicken burgers, grilled sweet potato wedges, pumpkin apple butter pie.  I'm going to try to make it in a slab-pie fashion, rather than a traditional pie plate.

Thursday - Homemade pizza (maybe on the grill?)

Friday - Roasted Chicken, veggies, Challah

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