Monday, January 27, 2014

Menu Plan Monday

Rainy morning here.  Definitely a crock-pot kind of day.  Working on some recipe ideas for Super Bowl Sunday.  Still need to decide if we are making it a dairy-thing or a meat-thing.  Keeping Kosher means we can't do both.  So that's always the big question when planning a menu especially for a event or party.  The meat thing seems obvious - wings, hot dogs, chili, etc, but if we choose dairy it's all the creamy dips and apps...hmmm...not sure yet.  The other part of it is the clean-up.  I don't want to be out at the grill or stuck too long in the kitchen - I want to watch the commercials, of course!  Either way, I think these Pretzel Bowls will make it the menu.  They would be perfect with chili or soup, but also would hold dips nicely, too!

Monday:  Vegetarian Goulash (using boca crumbles and throwing it all in the crock-pot on low) with leftover Pretzel Bowls

Tuesday: Fish tacos

Wednesday:  Pumpkin and turkey sausage pasta

Thursday - Crazy pizza bread

Friday - Hunter-style chicken, challah

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  1. Those pretzel rolls look delish! I am thinking beer cheese soup in them!