Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tiny Torah Treats for Simchat Torah

Today's project-
1.)Make the chocolate leather. Melt one pound of chocolate in the microwave. Stir to make sure all the chocolate is melted. Add 7 tablespoons of corn syrup and stir to combine. The chocolate will tighten up into a ball. Allow it to cool. This will make a lot, but it can keep covered in the fridge for a long time.
2.) Dip the ends of pretzel sticks with white chocolate and then into sprinkles. Place them on parchment paper and allow the chocolate to dry.
3.). Roll out chocolate leather and cut into strips. 
4.). Roll out and cut airheads candy for decoration. I used the white and layered some strips of blue on top. Tip - I used a mini fondant rolling pin and pizza cutter. 
5.) Place a pretzel stick on either end of a  strip of chocolate leather. Roll up to look like a scroll and then wrap the airheads to keep it together. Store then at room temperature on parchment paper lined container. 

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