Monday, June 6, 2011

MPM- 6/6/11

Menu Plan Monday - 6/6/11

I'm feeling pretty pampered right now.  Yesterday was my birthday and we went out to eat all.weekend.long.  It was pretty cool, I have to admit.  I LOVE to cook, but in a way, eating out every now and then really makes me appreciate it more...does that make sense?  Anyway, another hot weather week predicted here.  Starting to make a "to do" list for Miss D's big day.  This weekend tried my hand at royal icing drop flowers.  No pictures, sorry.  But I have to say it was successful.  There was even enough icing left over to allow the kids to try their hand at piping, too!

Monday - Leftovers

Tuesday - Manicotti  I love this recipe (I will make double the crepes and freeze for another time :), cheese toast, strawberry salad and for dessert  - coeur a la creme (first time trying this recipe)

Wednesday -Pasta, pesto and peas

Thursday - Hamburger steaks with mushroom gravy and sweet potato oven fries

Friday - Grilled rosemary lemon chicken, grilled veggies, challah

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  1. Stealing your ideas again! Doing manicotti (oven-ready) one night of Yom Tov and the bow ties with pesto (homemade from my own basil bush!) and peas the other...
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Thank you again for stopping by! We love pesto here and I make TONS of it every summer for the rest of the year. I hope you try it and like it too! My basil is bursting in the garden with all this heat, so I really needed to make it this week. For the pasta pesto recipe, my only alteration is that I use a bit of cream cheese (like half a brick, 4 oz) for the mayo (I am not a mayo person) and sometimes use fresh spinach instead of frozen. The heat from the hot pasta "cooks" the spinach a bit. I'm thinking after reading your Shavuos post, now I want to make FUDGE!!! I have a couple of jars of marshmallow creme in the pantry dying for some chocolate chips to melt :) Thanks for the idea! Can't wait to hear how the pesto turns out!

  3. I am going to try the peas and pesto pasta. Sounds great. I like your idea of using cream cheese instead of mayo. I would love to use pesto more often but can't get my kids to eat it. :(

  4. Thanks, Sara! This is one of our favorite recipes and actually has been present at a couple birthday celebrations for the kids. I hope you like it, too!