Monday, May 30, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - 5/30/11

Menu Plan Monday - 5/30/11

School's out, Memorial Day Holiday today and it is HOT!  Working the grill and keeping the oven time to a minimum.  That's the plan.  Never did try the hamburger buns last week, just broke down and bought from the store.  Perhaps I'll try this week.

Monday - Grilled chicken thighs (half with BBQ sauce/half Buffalo-style), grilled veggies, watermelon

Tuesday - BBQ Beef Sandwiches - crockpot (with brisket frozen from Passover), grilled potato wedges

Wednesday - Mu Shu Chicken and Broccoli

Thursday - Calzones

Friday - Lime Chicken, Challah

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  1. Oh, wow!!! I would love the mu shu recipe and the BBQ beef recipe!
    Now I'm getting spoiled: I feel like I can just waltz over here and demand recipes. But seriously, you can't just tantalize somebody like that... :-)
    I have a brisket I have no clue what to do with sitting in the freezer downstairs just waiting to look all messy and delicious like in your picture.
    Either recipe, if you can spare it, would be MUCH appreciated!

  2. Thank you Jennifer! You are too funny. I have to admit, I didn't post a recipe, because there really are assembly more than cooking. The brisket I just defrosted and threw in the slow cooker on low all day. I check in on it every few hours to see if it's shred-able with a fork. After the meat is shredded, I add our favorite bottle of sauce ( a good cup or so). And let it heat for another 30-60 minutes.

    As for the Mu shu, I will have to write it down as I make it this time. I promise to post later this week. Thank you again for asking, it's probably better to get it down and not leave it swimming around in my head :)

  3. I don't normally like barbecue beef but I bet I would love it with brisket from Passover! That is the only time of the year I happily eat red meat :)