Monday, April 18, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - 4/18/11 - Pesach Edition

Menu Plan Monday - Pesach Edition

Why does it seem like I'm cooking for 40 and not just 4?  I guess it's a good thing we like leftovers!  Still need to do a bunch of cooking today and a bit more tomorrow, but the rest of the week should be fairly easy.

Monday - First Seder

Hard boiled eggs with salted water

Gefilte Fish (for B) and Mock Chopped Liver (for me)


Cranberry Conserve
(minus the raisins and nuts)

Matzo Ball Soup

Mock Chopped Liver
Potato Souffle with Carmelized Onions and Mushrooms
Potato Souffle

Vegetable Kugel

Steamed Asparagus

And...Brownies and Coconut Macaroons

Tuesday Night - Second  Seder

Hard boiled eggs with salted water

Gefilte Fish and Mock Chopped Liver 


Matzo Ball Soup

Aunt Babe's Brisket

Carrot Souffle Kugel

Sauteed Spinach and Garlic

And Passover Fruit Crisp (making it parve)

Wednesday -  Leftover Turkey, etc.

Thursday - Leftover Brisket, etc.

Friday - Matzo Pizza or Matzo Lasagna?

Also, I need to figure out lunches to pack for school..probably Farfel and Cheese, yogurt, fruit.  Not sure if I will be adventurous as last year's experiment - Rainbow Cookies, but I may try out a few more recipes throughout the week.

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